Early Works


My interest in making model castles and castle sections began years ago.  It was a natural progression from my model military tank construction and my later creation of scale model train layouts. I wanted to add a castle (or walls) to my HO train layout and tried modeling clay.  Not only was that too tedious, but I could not create replicas of the original.

I did some research and came across a web site for C.C. Crow.  He provides an on-line clinic on how to create rubber molds for casting plaster models.  His information is informative and free; his only admonition is not to copy his original works, but create your own patterns, which I do.  Following Mr. Crow's example, my patterns and brochures are copyrighted.

All patterns are carved from plaster blocks of USG's Hydrocal Cement.  The patterns are then used to create molds using silicone rubber.  The resulting rubber molds are very durable and can be used over and over to produce walls and structures.

Castle Stone Models is a business that was created to provide a convenient, price sensitive means of supplying to a collector or enthusiast a castle or it's components for the purpose of scenic or background use in displays.

The advantage of our product is:

  •   quality, high density material that is used to construct original sections that are common elements in castle construction.

  •   unique design that provides free standing sections that can be used separately or in various configurations.

  •   high quality hand painted coloring that provides a realistic presentation of castle stonework.

If you have a unique request and would like us to consider constructing it for you please contact us.  We can create many different structures.  The one exception is round or circular designs that don't work well with our molding process.

Thank you for your interest . . .  P.J.Reed


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