Early Works


After the master of the castle section has been carved from Hydrocal, a mold is made using RTV silicon rubber.  Therefore, the mold can be used over and over to make duplicates of the original.  Since the molds are occasionally irregular some sanding and shaping is required to produce the finished product.  Each wall is sealed with shellac (2 coats or more) prior to painting and weathering.  The finished walls become quite hard over time, however they are still breakable.  The walls are glued together using yellow carpenters glue and allowed to dry over a few days.  As you can tell by the  pictures the models are landscaped and weathered using typical model railroad products and techniques.  Following are a few pictures of the parts of a typical castle.














The castles may be mounted on pink insulation board and then on hardboard (masonite).  The insulation board is used because it is quite useful for shaping landscaping and attaching castle walls.

The white material you see is Sculptamold which is a paper mache similar product, however, much more durable and excellent for forming rocks and ground features.  A lot of the technique used in model castle building is borrowed from model train layout construction.


Here is an example of the landscape process.

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