Early Works


Early Works


I have been interested in building replicas of various things for quite some time.  Due to my interest in World War II, I initially modeled that era's battle tanks and other equipment.  Following is an example of some of these:

From tanks I moved on to train layouts as mentioned earlier.  I was originally going to construct a castle out of modeling clay to put on the layout; however that proved to be too time consuming if you do the stonework correctly.  I did some research and picked up some information from C.C. Crow's website that relates his experience using Hydrocal plaster as a building material, albeit for making model railroad structures.  Also he provides information on making plaster molds using silicone rubber.

C.C. Crow's one admonition is "be original, don't copy someone else's work!".  Therefore I began carving my own plaster stonework and creating molds from the prototype's.

As I progressed and became more comfortable with castle construction my models became more complex, as evidenced by my next effort:

My second effort was a bit more ambitious and was modeled after The Hermitage castle in the Borders area of Scotland.

One of my latest efforts was one of the most photographed castles in Scotland: Eilean Donan, which means literally "Isle of Donan".

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